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El Paso Cafe Best Mexican Food Mountain View CA 94040

Five Generations of the Most Authentic Mexican Cuisine

    The success of El Paso Cafe is dedicated to the family tradition of excellence that began with Grandma Juana in Mixtian, Jalisco, Mexico. 

    She was the main chef of her town and would prepare the food for small and large events, and devoted to making every occasion memorable.
    This tradition of thoughtfully prepared recipes was passed to Mamacita Alicia who brought all of this knowledge to Southern California some 40 years ago. Along with two brothers, Arnulfo and Mario and eight children: Rosa, Raquel, Ricardo, Bertha, Estela, Alejandro, Belen and Minerva. 

    Mamacita Alicia made the journey to California and was ready to introduce her unique and flavorful culinary style to a growing community of Mountain View.

    Ricardo, the third oldest child, and entrepreneur since an early age, encouraged Mamacita Alicia to share her recipes with the Community.  Ricardo knew that the citizens of this once small town were in need of excellent and affordable Mexican cuisine. 

Almost 40 years later, the recipes that Mamacita Alicia brought to California continue to remain as delicious as the day Grandma Juana created them back in Jalisco, Mexico.  The entire family is dedicated to maintain a clean establishment, the best, healthiest and most affordable Mexican Food around.

We thank you for your business and consider you an important part of our family tradition.
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